Easily Avoid These Major Mistakes With Your Painter!

What Are Common Painting Mistakes Owners Do?  

Some home and commercial owners make common painting mistakes that can lead to expensive and time-consuming repairs, not to mention how it will affect the overall curb appeal of their property. Below are 3 of the mistakes you should stay away from! Let a professional painter help you with these.

Not Covering Baseboards

Many homeowners think it’s unnecessary to cover baseboards when they paint their property. But, in reality, this is an often-overlooked painting mistake! Your baseboard is where your walls meet the ceiling; hence, it’s important to protect them so that nothing will damage them during and after painting. This also applies when you’re painting exterior trim like paint around window and door frames. If you don’t cover them, your paint could peel off from their surface as time goes by.

Choosing the Wrong Color

If you have a specific color in mind but you’re having trouble finding it on a paint chip or printed color chart, don’t settle for what looks closest! Instead, use the website of a painting company that does free swatches for customers. You’ll get more accurate results if you pick a color close to what you see in real life – as long as it’s within the range of possibilities! Also, always remember that warmer colors look great against cooler backgrounds while cool colors look best against warm ones. For example, yellow is an excellent choice when painting a white home but won’t work well against blue walls. Keep these tips in mind to pick a perfect shade for your home or business!

Forgetting to Sand

Painting is just one part of interior-painting projects; it doesn’t end there! After applying fresh new paint on your walls, hard-to-reach areas must be sanded and smoothed out before new coats can be applied again.

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